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EICR Eastbourne

EICR Eastbourne



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Electrical Installation Condition Reports


Testing Price List

Domestic Visual Assessment- £40.00

This is worth doing if you have not ever had an inspection or cannot find any certificate for your installation. A visual inspection could save you paying out for a fixed wiring condition report if it is obviously not going to pass.
A domestic visual assessment gives us a chance to evaluate the overall condition and make recommendations to upgrade the installation.

Periodic Inspection or Electrical Installation Condition
Report (E.I.C.R) starting from - £120.00

If the installation has been maintained or records are available, then fixed wiring testing should be carried out when due.

Remedial Works. (resulting from report)

A fixed price written quotation for any remedial works will be given before we commence any works.
(F1) Codes: If we can not identify a circuit within 15 minutes, we will class it as requires further investigation, a charge based on our hourly rate will apply to this work.
(C1) Codes: Warrants immediate action to be taken, if we deem our quote unreasonable, we have the right to isolate that circuit and lock it off to prevent further danger.
All remedial work will be charged at a rate of £25.00 per hour. Electrical Installation Condition Report (E.I.C.R) Pricing as at 1/05/2020.

Studio/1 Bed Flat: £120.00 - £130.00
2 Bed Flat/House: £135.00 - £145.00
3 Bed Flat/House: £155.00 - £160.00
4 Bed Flat/House: £175.00 - £180.00

All prices quoted above are inclusive

EICR Eastbourne

EICR Eastbourne


Usually these reports amout to around 40 pages of information, including lots of test results and also images of recomendations.

EICR Eastbourne

Scope of Works
- Fixed Wire Testing.

Following the testing and inspection, you will be issued with a report on the condition of the electrical systems and wiring within the premises, you will be issued schedules detailing circuits and the results of the appropriate testing which was carried out, you will also be issued with a defects report.

  • Testing and inspections of all electrical fixed wiring and systems will be carried out to verify the installation complies with the current regulations, BS7671:2018 (amendment 1 - 2020).
  • 100% of the electrical installation shall be inspected visually to look for signs of defects. Testing shall be carried out to 100% of circuits.
  • Sensitive circuits may be omitted from testing if you wish.
  • The maximum number of circuits to be tested is 117.
  • A full electrical installation condition report will be issued upon the completion of each visit.
  • 20% of accessories will be visually inspected to each circuit.

The tests carried out shall
include, but not be limited to:

  • Continuity of protective (earth) conductors.
  • Continuity of ring final circuit conductors.
  • Insulation resistance between live conductors and liveconductors to earth.
  • Polarity.
  • Earth fault loop impedance.
  • Operation of RCDs
  • Functional testing of RCDs, switches, controls and interlocks.
  • Verification of voltage drop.

The defects report will list any of
the following:

  • Damage, deterioration, defects, dangerous conditions.
  • Non-compliance with the requirements of the regulations.
  • Any other findings which may result in danger.

The E.I.C.R observations will
be coded C1, C2, C3 and F1

What do these observations mean?

A code 1 (C1) observation means 'Danger Present', there is a risk of injury and immediate remedial action is required without delay. A code 2 (C2) observation means 'Potentially Dangerous', there is no immediate threat but is likely to become a danger, urgent remedial action is required.
A code 3 (C3) observation means 'Improvement Recommended', a non-compliance with the current safety standard has been revealed, whilst this does not present immediate or potential danger it would result in a significant safety improvement if remedied.
A code F1 observation means 'Further Investigation Required, without delay, a departure from the requirements of the current edition BS7671 and therefore need to be recorded separately as an F1.

Where an E.C.I.R contains either a C1, C2 or F1 observation then it is not reasonable for the installation to be assessed as 'satisfactory' for continued use and will therefore be categorised as 'unsatisfactory', however, if there are C3s on the report then it is entirely down to the decision of the customer if any action is taken. It does not make any difference on how many C3s are on the report, it is merely important to be advised on the current installation and what has been recommended.

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Electrical Installation Report Eastbourne
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Recommended Intervals between
Periodic Tests and Inspections.

  • Domestic premises (general) = 10years/change of occupancy.
  • Domestic premises (rented houses and flats) = 5 years/change of occupancy.
  • Residential accommodation (HMO, halls of residence, nurses' accommodation etc) = 5 years/change of occupancy. (some local authorities ask for HMO properties to be tested every 3 years)

If records are completely up to date on change of occupancy and an E.I.C.R was carried out within the last 5 years a domestic visual assessment will suffice.

  • Commercial premises = 5 years/change of occupancy.
  • Educational establishments = 5 years.
  • Offices = 5 years.
  • Shops = 5 years.
  • Churches = 5 years.
  • Restaurants and hotels = 5 years.
  • Village halls/community centres = 5 years.

For further information or if you need an estimate please contact us.

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